International artist, at home in Tiohtià:ke /  Montréal, Alex Tibbitts is reimagining the art of performance.

An artistic practice that melds music, sound & technology, Alex’s work pairs experimental inquiries with orchestral textures and sound design. 

“There are artists and sound researchers, such as Alexandra Tibbitts (The Bionic Harpist), who manages to rediscover and deconstruct the sound spectrum of the instruments we take for granted in the archetype of classical music.”

— Warp Magazine

The Bionic Harpist — her solo project— first premiered at MUTEK Montreal’s 2020 edition. Alex’s forward-thinking system augments the concert harp into a hybrid electro-acoustic tool, creating pastoral ambiences and immersive soundscapes.

“As The Bionic Harpist, Alex Tibbitts presents us with a symbiotic dance between her instrument, the human and the digital [...].”


Her research began at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT) with longtime collaborator John Sullivan, PhD. This has since led to invitations to perform and lead workshops in major institutions (McGill University, Harvard University, the University of Toronto, Montréal Conservatory).

“Groundbreaking exploration, she presents a narrative between the human, the digital and an abrasive atmosphere. Undoubtedly, a huge show by Alex Tibbitts.”

— Line Magazine